JW’s Personal Photo Gallery

Sarah, Lilian and Suna in Grenada

Jacob & Lilian

Lilian on the harbour ferry

Tony & Iris 

(with tiny photo of Lillian and Rosa)

Julie Wormser

Cambridge, MA

Judith and Ruth 

Portland, Oregon

Honore on the ferry in NYC

Carmen in the garden


Mara Margolis

Santa Cruz, CA

Rainbow over Frederiksberg

With Carmen on the balcony

Debra Satz in Dragør

View from 16th floor of Codanhus, Frederiksberg

Plant community attacks bicycle

Copenhagen, Denmark

Clarence and Gay

Bob and Janet 1974

Jacob at the ICA

With Zeyad on Papirøen in Copenhagen

Sign on parking garage in 

Manhattan with use of quotations reminiscent of Jewelle’s

Painting by Daniel Goldenberg

Jacob & Lydia


new bicycle lane

van der Weyden

Claudine and Joseph’s wedding

Claudine at a party for her wedding

Honore and Bill at the same party

Jim Henle and Aimee

Jannie in the field

Mou Pu at the Great Wall

Hanne Kjellberg on the 

Brooklyn Bridge

Artwork at Beijing International Art Biennale

Ruth Miller


Asleep on the Metro in Shanghai

Juniperus occidentalis growing without competition at Yosemite Park

Lilian on the beach in Rio

A student’s painting of Jacob’s first agricultural experiment. He is in the center, Hans Werner is driving the tractor, the organic farming students are watching in the foreground, with windmills in the distance.