Some Current Collaborators

Zhang Wei-Ping

China Agricultural University

Hans Werner Griepentrog

University of Hohenheim

Andrea Cavalieri

University of Copenhagen

Per Moestrup Jensen

Zhu Yong-He

Li Fengmin

Du Yanlei

Du Pengzhen

Nanjing Agricultural Universiity

Lanzhou University

Peter Baresel

TU Munich

Christian Damgaard

Aarhus University

Huang Tiantian

Northwest Agriculture & Forest University

Lu Ping

Northeast Agricultural 


Some former Ph.D. Students, Post-docs, etc.

Peter Stoll

Basel, Switzerland

Eric von Wettberg

University of Vermont

Wibke Wille

Marburg, Germany

Jannie Olsen

Slagelse, Denmark

Lars Pødenphant Kiær

Novo Nordisk

Anne Nygaard Weisbach

Rotorua, NZ

Lars Kristensen

University of Copenhagen

Marianne Erneberg

Center for Adult 

Education, Horsens

Marian Thorsted


Montserrat Vilà

Doñana Biological Station

Former Undergraduate Students

Too many to list, but among those working in ecology, environment and related fields (very broadly defined) and/or who have worked with me at Swarthmore College or the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University / University of Copenhagen:

    Angela Alston, MocaMedia

    James Battin, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

    Glenn Berntson, Google

    Andrea Bixler, Clarke University

    Jenny Broome, Driscoll’s Berries

    Solai Buchanan, New York Comprehensive Cardiology

    Scott Castro, Jeffer, Mangels, Butler & Marmaro LLP

    Sarah Cohen, San Francisco State University

    Anne Danielson-François, University of Michigan, Dearborn

    Susan Tinsley Daily, The Outdoor Academy

    Dan Doak, University of Colorado

    Rob Eberhardt, Chadbourne & Parke

    Amanda Fine, Wildlife Conservation Society

    Roxanne Fisher (deceased), Chatham University

    Lila Fishman, University of Montana

    Helen Fox, Rare Conservation

    Aaren Freeman, Adelphi University

    Phyllis Fuchsman, Ramboll Environ

    Pierre Gingerich-Boberg, Southside Community Health Services 

    Kevin Gould, Concordia University

    Abigail Hafer, Curry College

    George Hartzell, Sana Biotechnology

    Jackie Haskins, A Book for All Seasons

    Anne Heise, Washtenaw Community College

    Jeff Herrick, US Department of Agriculture

    Laurel Hester, National Science Foundation

    Jennifer L. Hill, Steinhardt School, New York University

    Nancy Rosenbaum Hofmann, Plant Editors

    Kalan Ickes, Clemson University

    Brian Inouye, Florida State University

    Molly Jahn, University of Wisconsin

    Karl Johnson, Haverford College

    Morgan Kelly, Louisiana State University

    Alicia Kikuchi, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

    Barbara Lachenbruch, Oregon State University

    Leah Larkin, University of New Mexico

    Roger Latham, Continental Conservation

    Magdalen Lindeberg, Cornell University

    Thomas Lundhede, University of Copenhagen

    Margot Lystra, Ithaca, New York

    Megan MacDowell, Andes Amazon Fund 

    Ellen Mallory, University of Maine

    Robert McKinstry, Environmental and Climate Law & Consulting

    Matt Miller, Reneco International Wildlife Consultants · Conservation Genetics

    Lisa Mosca, Weavers Way Community Programs

    Helene Muller-Landau, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

    Thyge M. Nielsen, Dahl-Sørensen & Partners A/S

    Dev Niyogi, Missouri University of Science & Technology

    Rachel O'Malley, San José State University

    Laura Perry, Colorado State University

    Thomas Stampe Petersen, Nationalpark Mols Bjerge

    Kathryn Quick, University of Minnesota

    Tatyana Rand, US Department of Agriculture, ARS

    Jonathan Randall (deceased), J & H March & McLennan

    Lars Ravn-Jonsen, University of Southern Denmark

    Sue Rhee, Carnegie Institution

    Christina Richards, University of Southern Florida

    Jenny Rogers, University of British Columbia Medical School

    Monica Romanko, Milton Family Practice

    Lars Rosenmeier, Flower & Forest

    Jill Rubin, Sustainable Food Lab

    Ana Ruesink, University of Vermont

    Stine Rytter Bengtsson, Faunaforst

    Sarah Sargent, Erie Bird Observatory

    Sheila Schueller, University of Michigan

    Hope Sieck, Wind River Alliance

    Cressida Silvers, Citrus Insider

    Amy Sinden, Temple University Law School

    Philip Stoddard, Florida International University

    Karen Strier, University of Wisconsin

    Dan Suyeyasu, CodeCycle

    Sean Thomas, University of Toronto

    Sara Tjossem, Columbia University

    Jean Tsao, Michigan State University

    Julie Whitbeck, U.S. Park Service

    Sarah Wise, University of Colorado

    Troy Wood, U.S. Geological Survey

    Julie Wormser, Mystic River Watershed Association

    Rebecca Yahm, Open Path Homeschooling Resources

    Sara Zimmerman, Climate Equity Policy Center

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